Ruth Glover Hill MunceRuth Glover Hill was Isabella's grand-niece and the daughter of Grace Livingston Hill and Rev. T.G.F. Hill. She married Gordon Munce and they lived with Grace for a number of years, along with their two sons. 

She was an accomplished concert violinst and studied at Juliard and with Thaddeus Rich, Concert Master of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. She and her sister, Margaret, founded the Swarthmore School of Music. Ruth was an instructor in Advanced Violin, Instrumental Playing, Musical History, and The Orchestras.

Ruth finished Mary Arden, the book that her mother was working on at the time of her death. She went on to write several novels in a similar style with the pen name Ruth Livingston Hill, as well as a Bible study curriculum on Genesis as Ruth L. Munce.

After Grace's death in 1947, Ruth and her children moved to Florida where she founded the Grace Livingston Memorial School (now known as Keswick Christian School). The school is thriving today. She was also a well-known Bible teacher in the St. Petersburg area.

Like her mother, Ruth served the Lord well into her later years, beginning work as a missionary in Africa at the age of 80! By the time she was called Home, she had lived 103 years in His service.